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Cranberry Christmas Punch - Served in an Ornament!!

Why not WOW your guests this Christmas!! Serve our festive Cranberry Christmas Punch inside of an ornament, and place in one of our Painted Wine Glasses from Le Painted Grape. We are serving ours in our Ornament painted wine glass. You can go to one of our in-person classes, or can find instructions for the painted glass on our online lesson page - Learn Wine Glass Painting! You can sign up here:

Once you have the awesome painted glass, you can put an ornament filled with our Cranberry Christmas Punch in it! These will look great served for a Christmas Party or Holiday Event.

See the video and full recipe below!

Here is the recipe:

Cranberry Christmas Punch


3 cups cranberry juice (if you like it sweeter, you can use cranberry juice cocktail)

2 cups apple cider

1 bottle sparkling wine

1 can of sprite or club soda

2-3 cups of fresh cranberries

Add apple cider, cranberry juice and sparkling wine to a pitcher and stir. Mix in sprite and stir. Add cranberries to add to each glass. We used a small handful per glass. Now take glass ornaments and remove the tops. They will pop right off. Be sure not to bend the tops, and set aside. Use a funnel or to fill each ornament with the Cranberry Christmas Punch. Use the rest of the cranberries and add to the remaining punch in the pitcher. Replace the tops of the ornaments. Just press the wire pieces together and secure each top on. Make sure to keep these upright now or they will leak, as the ornament lids aren't watertight. Set the filled ornament onto the cranberries that you placed into the glass. Chill glasses until ready to serve. When guests are ready to drink, they can remove the ornament top and pour into their glass!!

How fun - and festive!!

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