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Peppermint Sparkling Wine Spritzer

Serve this fun drink at your next adult Holiday Gathering!! This cocktail looks great in one of our Painted Wine Glasses from Le Painted Grape. We are serving ours in our Gingerbread painted wine glass. You can go to one of our in-person classes to paint this glass, or you can find instructions for the painted glass on our online lesson page - Learn Wine Glass Painting! You can sign up here:

Once you have this awesome painted glass, you can fill with our Peppermint Sparking Wine Spritzer drink! These will look great served for a Christmas Party or any Holiday Event. *adults only!

See the video and full recipe below:

Here is the recipe:

Peppermint Sparkling Wine Spritzer


1 bottle of Sparkling Wine

2 shot glasses full of Peppermint flavored Vodka

1 shot glass of Grenadine

1 16 oz bottle of Sprite or Club soda

Whipped cream

Crushed peppermint

Add bottle of sparkling wine to pitcher. Then add 2 shot glasses of Peppermint Flavored Vodka - we used Pinnacle. Add 1 shot glass of grenadine to pitcher and stir. Dip glass rim into grenadine. Pour cocktail sugar onto a small plate, then coat rim of the glass with the sugar. Now pour the drink into your Gingerbread painted wine glass. Top off with a dollop of whipped cream, and sprinkle with crushed peppermint. What a fun and colorful drink for your Holiday Party!

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